Organization structure

Glassman’s various factories of different industries are managed by advanced ERP and CRM management system under the concept of group management structure.


Glassman is combined by NEW and WAY which represents Neway’s core culture- pioneering and innovative spirit.


Glassman is cautious and conscientious in taking customer’s requirements as its own duty so as to achieve outstanding success.


Quality and technology-金沙www4136com-www金沙

Glassman never gave up or hesitated in aiming at self improving and zero defect project. Glassman enterprise standard is higher than international, state standard and customer’s requirements.


Plant management

Glassman uses ERP, CAM Manufacture resource management system in managing sub-factories. Synchronized supervision and management ensure high efficiency in production.


GLASSMAN CNC Research Institute-金沙www4136com

More than one hundred research engineers in the field work for this purpose and the number should exceeds 300 within 5 years.